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Why should you have conversations with strangers when you travel?

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Conversations with Strangers while you Travel

We are often taught not to talk to strangers, but nobody tells us “What’s the harm?” You tell a traveller not to talk to anyone randomly goofing around, and he’ll probably laugh it off. Picking up conversations with people when you travel is as important as picking up your boarding pass. When you travel in two’s you may not find it that vital but for a solo traveller, a trip is everything but not complete unless it includes the same.

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Harm, we said? There’s no harm in randomly shooting a “wide-grinned Hello” to someone. You could be full of yourself, but no one likes to be alone 24*7. Everyone enjoys company, and thus one finds allies. The much-needed strength to the bond that you share with your allies is banked upon only by conversations.

Conversations just don’t happen. You initiate the talking, and the rest goes with the flow. When you travel, you’re probably alien to the place, the culture, the language and what not! That is where comes in the most significant part about your travel- talking. We learn the most by talking and listening to others than we do any reading. You ask questions to the locals residing over there, seek for experiences from them, share your experiences, and it is only then that you wear the same shoes as the local.

The ocean of your knowledge is enhanced with every single word that he/she utters. But is it just knowledge? No. A bit of your personality is taking the shape of perfect shredded muscles gradually, without you realising of course. Every time you communicate with the other person, your body language and your experiences go ahead of the others from your pack. Personality, knowledge, experiences forms your gestalt. But is it all? Nah. More importantly, you make friends. Friends For Life, sometimes. Aren’t we all bored of getting into the same shoes every day? We probably are, dah! That’s where comes in friends. You talk to people, people not even remotely connected to you and you end up being best friends. Isn’t that amazing!

There have been instances where people have actually found their soul mates by just randomly shooting a Hello. It’s like being an infant again, where you’re unaware of people around you and yet you’re greeting them with a smile. It’s nearly as beautiful as being what you were probably 20-30 years ago, or what your age is.

Travelling gives you the righteous joy of exploring things, cultures. It gives you memories to cherish for life. It is an eternal bliss that makes you bypass all your problems with a “Hey, I’m right here. Do whatever you can” smile. Travelling gives you basically everything that you seek for, but picking up conversations while travelling acts as the catalyst to attain that very piece of joy.

Thus, someone rightly said – A SIMPLE HELLO COULD LEAD TO A MILLION THINGS. 

By: Saahil Sachdeva

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