Why explore Goa with The Big Bang Trip?

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Why explore Goa with The Big Bang Trip?

It’s the end of the year, pretty much akin to the moment when the bass drops in your favourite electronic-dance-music number, meaning, it’s the time to party!!!! (when is it not, though?)
We, at The Big Bang Trip, have always believed in doing things the proper way, and now that we have decided that it really is the time to party, when not just zoom into the place that hosts the best kind of parties; the place that not just parties like there’s no tomorrow, but the place that just breathes like there’s no tomorrow, Goa!

Right here, are just a handful reasons why you need to travel to Goa with TBBT (but, who really needs a reason when it’s Goa-and-TBBT!?)



1. You’d be staying in…


… a villa! That’s right, a-freaking-VILLA!
Now, we know how royal you are, and we know how to treat that royalty in you, so, we have zeroed upon a lavish little villa for your stay. So, when not wandering, you’d be chilling by the pool-side, indulged in a glass of wine and a game of darts (or farts? Okay, lame!)


2. We have some plans for you…


From our very own version of a Treasure Hunt to a game of beach volleyball, and an in-house cooking session, we have all our bases covered as far as the fun activities go. So, tag along with your backpack, keep your spirits high, and you’d receive all the good things in the world because you know, we are generous givers!


3. Because bike-rides…


We have always preferred travelling over vacations, so why not just go around the gorgeous-Goa just the way a local would, on bikes!
Tap into the little Roadie in you (c’mon, we have all had our fan-moments with Roadies), pick the best combination of sunglasses and shorts, grab a paper-map, ditch the smart-phone maps (game-on?), and keep your eyes open, each new road would be a new kind of exploration! Road-trips have always been the shit!


4. When in Goa…

… do as the Goans do! 


While on the bike, we have reserved a day for you to go through the locales, have local food, indulge into conversations with the locals, and be part of our little community travel plan!
Now, for how long are we going to recognize Goa just as the party capital of our country?


5. Did you just read party?


Yes? It’s on us! And, as it is on us, we are going to make sure that you dance until your feet refuse to walk, and you will make sure that while on that dance floor, you absolutely sizzle with your moves!
There’s a reason that half the country flocks to Goa when it comes down to a party, and it’s time we know why!


 6. For our trippers!

Solo travel

Now, you know you’re going to bump into random strangers from day one, and we know that by the end of day five, these strangers would be a part of your extended family.

Getting to know people and sharing stories has always been fun, that’s the reason The Big Bang Trip came into picture in the first place (duh!), it helps you open your eyes to different kinds – of people, of cultures, of stories, (and some innovative abuses?) –and it helps you communicate better – we are looking forward to tickle that little area of your empathy and compassion!


7. For our instigators!

He is a real hitch hiker.  He inspired people by tavelling around India for 6 months without a penny. After exploring generosiy of people and proving that world is indeed kind, he co-founded 4play.in

He is a real hitchhiker. He inspired people by travelling around India for 6 months without a penny. After exploring generosity of people and proving that world is indeed kind, he co-founded 4play.in

For those who know us, also know that we arrange for these little sessions – in the middle of our trips – with people we call ‘instigators’. These are the people who have inspired us, and we want them to inspire you (generous givers, remember?)
For Goa, we have a couple of such sessions in store – one, on the funny side of the spectrum, and other, on the musical – that’s all we can really tell you, being a fan of surprises!

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