We are bringing back the 90s!

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We are bringing back the 90s!

We were chilling one evening, cracking jokes (the usual), this time about the good old 90s. And then we started to imagine a trip like this – one with picnics, “Tu Hain Meri kirannnn” sung out loud, some gully cricket, old tape recorders and cassettes, Govinda dance moves, your favourite childhood candies and everything we just love and miss about the good old 90s. We woke up the next morning and decided, we’re doing it. So here you go! We along with The Goodwill Tribe are presenting to you the latest in our travel experiences – a trip designed to ‘Bring back the 90s’.

Bring Back the 90s
Bring Back the 90s

It’s an 8-day trip that will take you down memory lane in the hill stations in Uttrakhand. Travel with like-minded strangers and experience nostalgia as you share childhood stories. Go back to a time when all you cared for was collecting WWE cards, going on picnics, playing outdoors, watching cheesy filmy movies and getting lost in the pages of a book.

We’ve chosen to revisit locations that were popular back in the 90s and that’s why we are taking you to the beautiful hill stations in Uttrakhand. We will be visiting Landour, Mussoorie, Lansdowne, and Kousani; places that will enchant you with their simplicity and their splendid panoramic views of the Himalayas. Here’s a detailed version of the plan.


We promise you lots of fun and nostalgia with activities that will take you back in time and you can look forward to connecting deeply with each other through activities facilitated by The Goodwill Tribe. Practice your best moves for some retro dance nights. Turn strangers into teammates when you play gully cricket (hopefully with the locals). And lots of other fun activities! (Watch this space to know more).

The motto of our trips is for you to discover, explore and inspire. By coming on this trip, we hope you will discover the beauty of Uttrakhand, explore yourself and inspire each other through your unique stories.


Trip Details:

Dates: 23rd to 30th September

Location: Landour, Lansdowne, and Kausani

Price: 26,900 INR (22,900 for first 4 trippers and 24,900 INR for next 4 trippers)

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