Antaryaatra Yoga and Wellness Retreat


Simple living, resting the Mind and unwinding the body are a few things that are getting lost in the chaos of the cities! We are rushing to the outside world but forgetting about taking a trip around the world within. The TraWell Yoga Retreats and The Big Bang Trip are getting together to give you the best of nature and yoga at Goa!

It’s time to listen to your body, follow the heart and live within a natural setting. Indulge in yoga by the bay, sunset meditation, organic vegetarian meals, nature walks, spice market tour and participate in exploring Goa like never before. We bet you wouldn’t have seen this side of Goa. It is going to be a part of the mind, consciousness and a treat for the soul.


This is going to be a fascinating journey and a rejuvenating internal trip!!!


Hop on: Khaama Khetna Wellness Centre, Palolem, South Goa (Noon, 29th Sept. 2018)
Hop off: Khaama Khetna Wellness Centre, Palolem, South Goa (Noon, 29th Sept. 2018)
TBBT Trip: Antaryaatra: An Eco Wellness Retreat
Duration: 4 days
Mode of transport: Bikes (local Goa travel)
Price: 16,999 INR inclusive of all sessions as mentioned in the itinerary, food, accommodation, and local transport to Beaches as per itinerary.

What's up in this Retreat?

Here is a tentative flow of events at the retreat.
Day 1: 29th September 2018
10 AM: Welcome to Kaama Kethna with a welcoming drink. Registration and allocation of rooms.
1-3 PM: Indulge in fresh vegetarian food partly harvested from organic veggies from the farm.
3-4.30 PM: Rest and relax
4.30 PM to 5.30 PM: Namaste Yoga!
Introduction to the world of yoga and the importance of yoga in today’s life. Today we do light yoga and some meditation and do a lot of group discussions. The class will culminate with an Anuvrat session, where everyone takes up a small promise that they want to keep during the trip.
5.45 PM: Evening tea
6.30-7.30 PM: Board game time! Enjoy the fun-filled game by TBBT
8 PM: Dinner time
10 PM: Bedtime. An early bedtime to set you ready for the next day.
Day 2: 30th September 2018
7 to 8.30 AM Bhava darshan or Nature meditation: Inspired from the Buddha’s walks of self-realization, this is a special experience. Bhavdarshan is a walking meditation around the property to get in sync with the present.
9to 10:30 AM: Breakfast
11 to 12.30 PM: You can indulge yourself in various services at the property. We recommend you to go to the waterfall and the spice market tour.
1 PM to 3 PM- lunch
4:30 PM: Sunset at the Beach: bit adieu to the day with a Kick the stress out session: Stress is consuming our peace, so with TraWell we will do everything to get the peace back. We will teach people different aspects of yoga to deal with daily anxiety, anger and stress situations.
7 PM: Return to the property, relax
8 to 10 PM After an eventful day it’s time to indulge in a lavish meal in your PJs!
Day 3: 1st October 2018
7 to 8.30 AM Un-Digital: The digital age/ the sedentary life has made us crazy animals. Every day we face health issues like cervical pain, back pains, eyesight problems and what not. With TraWell the travellers will learn how to deal with these issues on their own with some simple exercises.
9 to 10:30 AM: Time for a hearty farm fresh breakfast
11 to 12.30 PM: Free time! Indulge in various services provided (charged extra) or just take a stroll in the tranquil surroundings of Khaama!
1 PM to 3 PM- lunch
4.30 PM: Departure for Agonda beach
5 PM to 6 PM: Beach Balance. Finding balance in the sand and then ending the practice with a deep sunset meditation.
7.30 to 9 PM: Time for a scrumptious Dinner on the beach
9 PM: Return to the property
Day 4: 2nd October 2018
Checkout after breakfast


The price for this trip is 16,999 INR only. 

Trip Inclusions:
* Sessions
*Accommodation(shared in a dormitory)
*‎All meals
*Trips to the beach

*Transportation to reach the Centre
*Anything not included above

How to reach Khaama Khetna?

All confirmed participants would be given directions in a separate mail.


1. What is Trawell Retreat?

Founded by two travelling yoginis Akanksha and Radhika, this is a project derived from passion. The Trawell Project provides holistic wellness services to travellers who are looking for a unique soul lifting journey.

2. What sort of accommodation will you provide?

The Centre is located in the jungle in South Goa away from all hustle. So there are basic tree houses that will accommodate two people in each room. The cuisine includes healthy organic meals.  As it is in middle of nowhere, do not expect lavish services. 


3. Anything that I should specifically carry and what do I stuff in my backpack?

Things to carry to the retreat:
• An open mind: Since nature is the luxury here, hence we would like you to adapt to the earthen setting of the property and not to accept gross luxuries. We are sure you will be greeted with smiles and promising hosts whenever you need anything.
• Yoga Mats
• A Bottle to carry for easy hydration
• A hand towel
• Mosquito repellent since we will be staying in the eco-village, we need to accept the presence of these tiny buggers
• Bathing suit since we don’t want you to indulge in skinny dipping or spoiling your nice clothes at the beach, you are welcome to carry beach wear or an extra set of clothing whenever we plan to hit the beach!

4. Can I carry my camera, my guitar, my mouth organ, and my books?

Oh! Why not? It would be amazing to come across an artist or creative person. Maybe you can teach cool stuff to other trippers.

How To Join?

  1. Fill this form
  2. We shall send you a payment link
  3. Pay the payment and send us details.
  4. The seat is confirmed and we shall send you joining the kit