TBBT Trails: The WoodPecker Edition

Hop On: New Delhi

Hop Off: New Delhi

TBBT Trail: The WoodPecker Edition

Duration: 5 Days

Dates: 20th April to 24th April

Mode of Transport: Mini-Bus

Price: 9,999 INR (Including travel, stay and food)


What is TBBT Trail: “The WoodPecker Edition”?

20 enthusiastic trippers from all India will travel with us to explore farms and sustainable living. Diving into nature becomes a journey of a lifetime since it is the perfect way to discover a place, explore oneself and inspire the people around you!

The Woodpecker Edition has come up with a theme of sustainable living that they will make the trippers realize the bountiful beauty and simplicity that nature has on offer. Don’t miss out on learning the age-old techniques of building an earthbag cottage and mud cottage along with sculpting. If peace of mind is what you seek, then explore the simple yet innovative way of living.

So be a WoodPecker!!!

We will work on the farm, build our own earthbag and mud houses. Some amazing skills to learn and use at the same place.

Some more activities: Well we just don’t travel, but we also explore the place through creative activities, enthralling experiences, intriguing instigator sessions, etc. Some of the activities that you would be interested to know about are as follows-

  1. “The woods are lovely, dark and deep…”- Trekking to a nearby village through the jungle is an experience that you would surely not miss. Cooking a meal in the middle of the jungle is worth a shot.
  2. An evening under the sky and stars- Watching a movie in a cinema theater is a passé. How often do you get to watch a movie under the clear starry sky? Trippers will get to watch a movie under the soothing glow of stars as there is no better place than the starry sky. Get set to weave plentiful memories around it!
  3. Bonfire Sessions- Getting to know about your fellow team members around the bonfire sounds like an interesting prospect for most of us! This session will be more of a fun session rather than a team building session.
  4. TBBT sessions: These exclusive sessions will be revealed to selected few people who will be joining their co-trippers for the TBBT trip.
  5. Workshops: Learn how to sculpt, raise an earthbag house and build mud cottages through workshops.

We love creating memories and sharing them with each other. Experiences like these bring the best out of us. Trips like these will offer you the peace that is something that we are missing. After all, we mortals strive on these memories that are worth sharing even years later.

So, take your backpacks out, and stuff them with the things like clothes, cameras, headphones, books and anything that you may want to bring along.