The Trip

Hop On: New Delhi

Hop Off: New Delhi

TBBT 03: Himalayas (Delhi, Kasol, Old Manali, and Bir)

Duration: 8 Days

Dates: 10th September to 17th September 2016

Mode of Transport: Mini-Bus

Price: 22,999 INR (Including travel, stay and food)

What is TBBT Himalayas?

25 trippers would go together for eight days from Delhi to 3 destinations in the Himalayas. We would discover the places, explore oneself and inspire each other.

We are in the Himalayas to capture it through music, food, travel, photography, exploration, networking, fun and recreation. So if you can fit into any of these, just fill the form and join the most awesome Trip of the year.

Activities: Well we just don’t travel, but we explore the place through activities, experiences, instigator sessions, etc. This time few of the activities included are Trekking, recreational activities, lifeline session, fun activities session, networking sessions, exploration sessions, cooking activities and five instigator sessions. Each tripper would be given a chance to conduct an activity. So be ready to join us and  “Discover, Explore, and Inspire”.

So, stuff your bags with clothes, cameras, music players, headphones, books and anything you think would be your companion.