Travelling is a therapy!!!

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Travelling is a Therapy!!!

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Waking up to the annoying morning alarm, breakfast in haste, sweating in the traffic jam, breathing all dust, tackling with boss’ mood swings and then coming home to boredom and family’s murmurings. What is the pleasure in this? Today man is living a life so sad and dull to attain monetary satisfaction.


The treasure away from all these dry as dust things lies beyond the usual land of routine. Travelling: the treasure, the treat, the therapy.


While traveling is not only the merry solution to one’s troubles, it is also a way to explore and get familiar with oneself. Wandering carefree, away from the mind-grabbing tensions of life, admiring the beauty all around, thanking the nature for its existence, what more could be travelling gift anyone with?


Many travels not only to escape the realities but to treat their health as well! The stress reliever for most, travelling is also the ultimate way of coping up with depression. Adding on, what better than having sunbath along side the beach to heal the wounds of recent heartbreak? Touring is bliss, not only to your mind but body as well.


Ask a traveller  on his last day what he has missed in his life and there’ll be not a single thing he would have missed on to. I can bet! When one is attached to nature and has admired its beauty all this while, what could he possibly regret? A lot of people travel in search of a new perspective, better vision. While many people eventually end up having a fairer knowledge of life.


For some travelling  is a dream fulfilled once annually, some have mastered the art of travalling and taken up it as a profession. Either way, the magic wandering, does to one is hard to be crafted in words. Another reason why travelling is the necessity of life is that it gives you tales to share and to blabber about all the time. Flaunting the majestic adventure now and then and reliving it each time. Experiencing new cultures, getting familiar with different tradition across the globe, learning new languages and most importantly learning humanity. Is it any less of a treat?


Travelling adds a spark in romance.  I wonder why newly weds go on a honeymoon or prefer travelling to Solitude places after a few months of a brawl and dreary times.


An unsettled life so settled! That is what wandering is all about.


By: Saahil Sachdeva

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