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Seven days. 14 strangers. One traveller. Road tripping all the way to Himachal. Is that all?

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 Seven days. 14 strangers. One traveller. Road tripping all the way to Himachal. Is that all?

On the onset, this seemed a good enough reason to join road trip of the Big Bang Trip. After all, the mountains were calling. Who would want to miss an opportunity to traverse through offbeat places in Kasol, Bir and Manali?

I signed up with the same intention. Kyunki, zindagikaek hi maqsadhai- ghoomna. But what started with yet another travel became more than just a trip. 

It is not just me, but the sentiments echoed in all of us. To all of us, who were a part of this unique journey, “something” stood out.

What was this something? Let us hear it from some of the trippers themselves.

Sanghamitra Singh Solanki: For the girl we all called chotta packet, badadhamaka, her name is heavy and her laughter, contagious! A lawyer by profession, a bookworm and a closet sociologist, Sanghu juggles between solo and travelling with friends and family.


The Big Bang Trip for Sanghu is…

Solo but not solo

 “There were times when I would just sit by myself right in the middle of the jungle or walk in between the tea gardens. I could just let myself lose in the raw beauty of nature, only to realise that the other trippers did that too. Even though I had company, I was also travelling solo. I had the better of the two worlds. All of us were well-travelled people, so there was no one to question me when I was lost and loving it. I had the best of the companions on the road.

Vikrant: This guy has been around the world in 369 days! Well, after all, he is a sailor and juggles his time between the sea and land.


The Big Bang Trip for Vikrant is…

About the memories on the road

“Road trips aren’t measured by mile markers, but by moments. This is what sums up the trip for me. I have had some of the best memories and beautiful conversations with people. Those that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Rajat: Jack of all trades. Who wants to be the master anyway? This statement would rightly sum up this cool Bangalorean. A jive dancer, ex-journo, writer, emcee and a man with an awesome voice, this dude is a super entertainer. He is an emotional soul too, especially with the bond we had with his “roomie” for the seven days.
















The Big Bang Trip for Rajat is…

Conversations that stirred the soul

“I lived each day as if it were my last’. The best part about travelling with strangers at The Big Bang Trip was that I could spill my heart out with no apprehensions. I never thought that strangers too could become such good friends. I met folks with a similar background as mine, yet so diverse with their experience that it helped me built a rapport that I had never imagined.

Aashish: Aashish aka choose. The guy who always had stock for the late night snacks! Also, the youngest of the lot. Choote.


The Big Bang Trip forAashish is…

Picture abhibakihai mere dost!

Tum zindagi se kyachahateho, bunny?

Raftaar, Pagalpan, meinudnachahatahoon… 

Bas, mere liye The Big Bang Trip was like the movie: YehJawaniHaiDeewani. Being the youngest one of the lot, I was pampered the most. I would never forget the 4 am Maggie, star gazing with the sound of the river. Well more so, because the 4 am Maggie cost me Rs 600! Travel does teach you a lot. Don’t assume things at all 😛

Payal Kohli: Rainbow girl, Philosophy lover and the girl who belongs to the mountains. Her energy is contagious. She will never say never for anything. Kasol is her second home!


The Big Bang Trip for Payal is…

Where there is no itinerary required

I don’t walk as much in my city. But when I was amidst the mountains, I can walk, walk and walk. I was never tried to explore something new. I liked the fact that I had the freedom to explore instead of following a tightly scheduled itinerary. This trip was a backpacking trip where I could choose what I wanted to do.

Supraket: This dude enjoys the fact that his name is difficult to get. For all the seven days, we heard many versions of his name. That apart, he loves old school things. A reason why he gave a hand-written letter to everyone at the end of the trip.  Not just girls, but some of the guys too have saved the letter in their wallets. He made everyone emotional on the last day of the trip. 

Even after the trip got over, he remains the most sort after the person has he was also the official photographer. We all need new display picture, man!


The Big Bang Trip for Supraket is…

Where there is diversity in the group

“I have been a part of group trips and have also travelled with friends. I never miss an opportunity travel. Who would? But what stood out with travelling with the Big Bang Trip was the diversity of the group. Everyone had something unique about them. It was more than just travel.

Yes, the way we travel has evolved. If you are looking for an experience driven travel, you are in good company. Come, Discover, Explore and Inspire with The Big Bang Trip


Deepti blogs about her travel experiences at Nostalgic Hobo

2 thoughts on “Seven days. 14 strangers. One traveller. Road tripping all the way to Himachal. Is that all?

  1. This couldn’t have been observed captured and written any better. Thanks Deepti for extracting the essence. You truly nailed it. And I absolutely loved it. :*

  2. With memories to cherish forever and friends for a lifetime, TBBT has definitely been one of the best experiences of my nomad life. Love these guys to bits and everything from this trip. A special shout-out to Deepti aka hippie for this wonderful portrayal of us psycho people. 😉

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