Road Trips for Teams

We love traveling, meeting and connecting with new people. So after our curated road trips for strangers, we are coming up with trips for Organizations, schools, departments, and teams with a small size. 


What we do?

Road trips for strangers. We would love to curate trips for organizations, departments or teams with a size of 6-20 people.

How we do it?

We travel together for 4-8 days as per a plan, which includes several elements:

Discover: Treks, meet local people, day trips, visit new places

Explore: Life lessons, outdoor activities, self-exploration activities

Inspire: Instigator sessions, one to one sessions, storytelling, activities that inspire connection

Fun: Card games, board games, fun games, end of trip parties, Dart Board


Why do we do it?

Our fast lifestyles, work, and life pressure, social media have introduced several new millennia problems for us like:

1. Increased anxiety and stress

2. Communication gap

3. Work-life imbalance

4. Loose social connections           

5. Disconnection from nature

6. Lack of support with no one to really listen

It is famously said that, ‘when in doubt travel’. We believe that travel can solve many of the above intangible and understated problems. When people travel, they meet like-minded people, they see different shades of life, they learn from others and often experience deep humility, etc. Thus, our trips are more about people than places.


 Why should teams travel together?

1.       There is a comradery built from traveling together

2.       This spirit of cooperation and collaboration can ripple into the workplace

3.       When people step out of their comfort zone together, they often experience a sense of support from each other

4.       When in situations that are new and unfamiliar, we discover new gifts and skills in each other that we did not know, and can then be leveraged at work

5.       The strong connection among a group can inspire a culture of working together as one unit that shares a common goal

So if you would like your team/ organization to go on a shared adventure that leaves them feeling strongly connected, we would love to help you with this and use our expertise as TBBT to achieve this objective through a travel experience.

What will we do for your team, organization or department?

1. Curate road trip custom to the need and objectives

2. Design and include activities that inspire connection, collaboration and effective communication

3. Make an after movie for the trip

4. And of course, make it an unforgettable FUN experience

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