9 reasons, why should you travel in a group tour?

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Why should you take a group tour once in a lifetime?

Here is our list of 9 reasons why should you travel with a group in a group tour:

1. You meet like-minded strangers


Away from office friends and family members, we really get a chance to meet awesome like-minded people. Yes, there are zombies like us everywhere. We are not unique!


2. You learn a new skill


There will be someone who will teach you some magic games, and then there will be a poker champ in the group. You will not leave the trip without learning something new.


3. Take a break from routine


Imagine 10 strangers traveling with you, you will surely change your daily routine to adjust to this new environment. You need this break sometimes.


4. You make new friends


There will be someone on the trip who will end up becoming your new travel friend or best friend in the town.


5. You get your space


Its fun traveling with friends and family, but in the end, we do not get our space. You surely can’t tell them not to disturb you or give your space and time. But in a group tour, you get space as you want.


6. You can also find your life partner


Well, we have seen many of our trippers getting hitched. Yes, you can absolutely find your soulmate on a road trip. Just be ready to find him/her from the group of strangers!


7. Find your true calling



Sometimes all you need is a trip to find your true calling. It may be photography, or working in an NGO or taking a break and traveling for one year. We saw many trippers leaving jobs, leaving current status to move towards their true calling after taking a road trip with a group.


8. You need not organize everything 


Many times, most of our plans get canceled because we are not able to organize a trip. So stop worrying about it and just hop-on to a well planned and curated road-trip.


9. You collaborate and network


Yes, you do not need to attend official meetups, parties, and events for networking and collaboration. They can happen over a cup of Maggi and chai in mountains too. Just find a right group of strangers and travel with them.


Are you ready for a road trip with strangers now?

Leh Trip


Because we are exploring Leh with 12 strangers from 28th July to 4th Aug.

Price: 31,999/- 
Register Here

TBBT Leh Trip: 12 Strangers and one Epic Road Trip

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TBBT Leh Trip: 12 Strangers and one Epic Road Trip

Do you like travelling? Of course, most of us do.

It’s simply one of the best feelings ever. Who wouldn’t want to surround themselves with the lush green fields that extend to the distant Himalayan mountains and their snowcapped peaks? It’s truly a sight that one shouldn’t miss out on.

Now envision yourself witnessing the same with a bunch of strangers who share the same love for travel, just like you. 

All this while, they explore the beauty of Leh, Nubra, and Pangong. You can be one of those 12 strangers. Join a trip that gives you an opportunity to feel nature so close, engage in activities and skills that you always liked and meet 12 beautiful souls who resonate with you. Let’s explore the unexplored gems of Leh with a community that is composed of wanderers, explorers, creators, and travelers. Be a part of such community.

The Big Bang Trip brings for you an opportunity to break free from the monotony of daily life and become a part of a community of wanderers, explorers, creators, and travelers. Want to have a life-changing travel experience? Read on!

The Big Bang Trip is an initiative by two travelers, Chandrabhan Singh and Chetan Soni who decided to develop a community of travelers. Earlier this year, TBBT organized a trip to Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh; and this time TBBT will be exploring the Ladakh region for 8 days from the 28 July to 4 August. It’s surely gonna be an experience of a lifetime. Here, you’d be in the company of hand-picked, like-minded strangers and the 8 days wouldn’t just be about exploring Leh, but also the strangers you’d travel and stay with, and finally, yourself.

Before you book your tickets, here you enjoy the glimpses of TBBT’s previous trips.

Mesmerising, isn’t it?

You sure don’t wanna miss out on the 2018 trip after watching this, and that’s exactly why you should join their upcoming Leh Trip.

Details about the trip:Date: 28 July to 4 Aug
Price: 31,999 INR
Inclusion: Stay, all meals, travel within Leh, entry tickets, inner line permit
Not included: Flights and personal expenses

So, what are you waiting for! Visit HERE NOW.

Leh Roadtrip in these beautiful 24 pics

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Explore Leh with The Big Bang Trip with these 24 Leh Roadtrip Pics

We all love to explore the beautiful paradise called Leh once in our lifetime. What if you explore Leh with 12 like-minded strangers? 

Here is what it is like to travel with The Big Bang Trip. A series of 24 pics exploring Leh Roadtrip

1.Meet all explorers when you hit the city of Leh



2. Let’s get to know each other over our in-house boardgame



3. Let’s hit the road



4. Visit Patthar Sahib Gurudwara



5. Zoom pass plenty of snow-capped peaks6


6. Cross mighty barren terrain



7. The Roadtrip 


8. Lof of fun activities



9. On the Top of the World: Khardungla Pass



10. Evenings filled with fun, games, and sessions



11. Stargazing at Nubra



12. The fun never ceases in TBBT Trips



13. Nubra cold desert



14.  Explore Nubra valley



15. Breakfast with this view



16. Bactrian Camel



17. Diskit Monastery 



18. Explore Buddhism 19


19. Ladakhi Monasteries 



20. More Monasteries 



21. The contrasting green Leh



22. Bond with strangers make new friends 



23. Panoramic Pangong Lake 24


24. Finally the Leh market



If this is the road trip you want to take. Join us.

Our next Leh Trip: 28th July to 4th Aug

Register Here


PC: Sumit Singh, Saru Goyal and Sagar Katyal 

Check out the super powers our trippers discovered in their last road trip with us.

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We found 15 Superheroes in our latest TBBT Road Trip. Here are they with their superpowers. Who amongst them is the most powerful?

  1. Shriya

AKA The Chips girl: Her superpower is finishing all kinds of chips in 2 mins. Leave a packet within a radius of 50 metres, and it shall be over in a blink.



  1. Mansi

AKA The salsa girl: Her superpower is that she can make anyone do Salsa at anywhere. Last seen, she was doing the salsa with a Lakarbagah.



  1. Ramandeep

AKA The patriotic man: Ramandeep is known for his patriotism in movies like Gadar and Border. The face was Sunny Deol, but the voice and the emotions were coming from Ramandeep. Every year he brings do gazz jameen from Pakistan


  1. Chetan Soni

AKA The Chimneyman: Recently he was awarded the title for the most “Green” person for inhaling pollution from all vehicles in Delhi. Working hard to bring pollution down, he inhales all kinds of ‘dhua.”



  1. Jacob

AKA the Sex Machine Man. Women from the entire universe are looking for this hot, handsome and talented man. His power is to look so hot that anyone agrees to do the work just to have a sneak peek of his 16 abs. Yes, there are eight-pack abs in front and 8 in back.



  1. Kiran

AKA the customman. He got his superpower from Indian customs, and now he can customize anything for you.



  1. Vinita

AKA Kya bakwas hai yeh girl. She has the power to demoralize her enemies by repeatedly saying “kya bakwas hai yeh.” Last time a lion became vegetarian after she shouted 1000 times “kya bakwass hai yeh” in 30 seconds while Lion was hunting a deer.




  1. Sanghmitra

AKA the Pelu girl. Her superpower is to finish anything that comes in front of her. Most of the times, she eats everything from enemies’ plates, fridge, locality and even cities, killing them with hunger.



  1. Dipesh

AKA the DJman. He has the ability to play music anywhere, anytime. He decided to become a DJ after seeing Kuch Kuch Hota Hai where Rahul danced with Anjali in spite of no music.



  1. Richa

AKA The slowgirl. If Flash is the fastest person, Richa makes others the slowest. She can decelerate anything. Last seen, she was the reason why tortoise won against the hare.



  1. Kasturi

AKA The Sleeping Woman. Her ability to sleep 26 hours a day makes her special. Her enemy can never attack her as she would always be sleeping.



  1. Himanshu

AKA The Snakeman. All human capabilities look dwarf in front of snakeman. His venom is known as the most poisonous substance ever known in the Universe. He does not kill people but makes them pious and pure by his venom.



AKA Youngman. He is the youngest in any group or social gathering. His superpower is to suck the youth out of other people. People also call him Benjamin Button.




  1. Sagar

AKA Perfectshot Man. He carries his camera everywhere and kills the enemy with a click.



  1. Abhinav

AKA Chocolateman. Since he is employed with an MNC, he needs to achieve the monthly target. He shoves chocolate bars down enemy’s mouth resulting in “death by chocolate.”Abhinav



If you want to discover your superpower, then The Big Bang Trip is the place to be in. Explore India with us, Discover your superpower and Inspire others too. Our next road trip is in July. See you then.


-Chandrabhan Singh


The Big Bang Trip

Why explore Goa with The Big Bang Trip?

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Why explore Goa with The Big Bang Trip?

It’s the end of the year, pretty much akin to the moment when the bass drops in your favourite electronic-dance-music number, meaning, it’s the time to party!!!! (when is it not, though?)
We, at The Big Bang Trip, have always believed in doing things the proper way, and now that we have decided that it really is the time to party, when not just zoom into the place that hosts the best kind of parties; the place that not just parties like there’s no tomorrow, but the place that just breathes like there’s no tomorrow, Goa!

Right here, are just a handful reasons why you need to travel to Goa with TBBT (but, who really needs a reason when it’s Goa-and-TBBT!?)



1. You’d be staying in…


… a villa! That’s right, a-freaking-VILLA!
Now, we know how royal you are, and we know how to treat that royalty in you, so, we have zeroed upon a lavish little villa for your stay. So, when not wandering, you’d be chilling by the pool-side, indulged in a glass of wine and a game of darts (or farts? Okay, lame!)


2. We have some plans for you…


From our very own version of a Treasure Hunt to a game of beach volleyball, and an in-house cooking session, we have all our bases covered as far as the fun activities go. So, tag along with your backpack, keep your spirits high, and you’d receive all the good things in the world because you know, we are generous givers!


3. Because bike-rides…


We have always preferred travelling over vacations, so why not just go around the gorgeous-Goa just the way a local would, on bikes!
Tap into the little Roadie in you (c’mon, we have all had our fan-moments with Roadies), pick the best combination of sunglasses and shorts, grab a paper-map, ditch the smart-phone maps (game-on?), and keep your eyes open, each new road would be a new kind of exploration! Road-trips have always been the shit!


4. When in Goa…

… do as the Goans do! 


While on the bike, we have reserved a day for you to go through the locales, have local food, indulge into conversations with the locals, and be part of our little community travel plan!
Now, for how long are we going to recognize Goa just as the party capital of our country?


5. Did you just read party?


Yes? It’s on us! And, as it is on us, we are going to make sure that you dance until your feet refuse to walk, and you will make sure that while on that dance floor, you absolutely sizzle with your moves!
There’s a reason that half the country flocks to Goa when it comes down to a party, and it’s time we know why!


 6. For our trippers!

Solo travel

Now, you know you’re going to bump into random strangers from day one, and we know that by the end of day five, these strangers would be a part of your extended family.

Getting to know people and sharing stories has always been fun, that’s the reason The Big Bang Trip came into picture in the first place (duh!), it helps you open your eyes to different kinds – of people, of cultures, of stories, (and some innovative abuses?) –and it helps you communicate better – we are looking forward to tickle that little area of your empathy and compassion!


7. For our instigators!

He is a real hitch hiker.  He inspired people by tavelling around India for 6 months without a penny. After exploring generosiy of people and proving that world is indeed kind, he co-founded 4play.in

He is a real hitchhiker. He inspired people by travelling around India for 6 months without a penny. After exploring generosity of people and proving that world is indeed kind, he co-founded 4play.in

For those who know us, also know that we arrange for these little sessions – in the middle of our trips – with people we call ‘instigators’. These are the people who have inspired us, and we want them to inspire you (generous givers, remember?)
For Goa, we have a couple of such sessions in store – one, on the funny side of the spectrum, and other, on the musical – that’s all we can really tell you, being a fan of surprises!

10 reasons why you should end the year with a Goa trip

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10 reasons why you should end the year with a Goa trip

Goa always reminds me of that precise moment when the flash from a photographer’s camera meets your eye. You know what’s coming, but each time it comes, it hits you, right in the eye, and in the head (pun intended!)

It really is that intense mix, of people and cultures, languages and food cuisines, party anthems and romantic sunsets, volleyball and football, road-trips and solo-travel (doesn’t really make sense, but these are my keywords, so…)

‘Why Goa?’
Seriously? ‘Why not Goa!’
1.      Beach Please!


The most cliched reason first – why Goa, because beaches!
Did you know that Goa has 20+ beaches to boast of? So, the next time you complain about how unclean the water is, or how crowded the beaches are, sit down and reflect – it is you who has been going around to all the mainstream beaches in this amazing place! Explore. Find a beach that suits you. And DO NOT share it with the world!


2.      Because, baby ko bass pasandhai!


Now, where would you rather unleash your dirty-beast-cum-party-animal self, but a night-club in the party capital of the country?
Find yourself the perfect spot, where you can hear nothing but the bass, grab a bottle of beer (one after the other), and flirt with the DJ as you dance through the night.
Oh and not the real-animal kind, settle for bird-watching no? Whom does the third person dress-up for, but you? *wink* *wink*


3.      For those ink marks on your body…


Itching to get a tattoo done, but can’t think of a design?
Here’s a little tip – go Goa, get into a tattoo-place you like, spend time with the artist, talking to him/her about your ideas in life, and other-high-level-intellectual-things and trust me, the artist will pick a design for you.
Take my word, tattoo artists have that charm – they simply know where the little bunny lies in you –
and, when in Goa, let your impulse do the talking. That’s the only rule!


4.      Markets, shopping, bargains…

Colourful Indian spices at the Anjuna Flea Market, Goa
Colourful Indian spices at the Anjuna Flea Market, Goa

From Saturday night bazaar to Anjuna beach flea market, Goa houses the best kinds of flea markets in this world.
So, it’s time to discover the hippie in you – go out there, hunt for an OM-kurta, Ali-baba pyjamas, some funky accessories (not the skull ones, please, we’re done with them), and a hand-crafted scarf, maybe?
A little cultural shock is what we always need!
I don’t really need to tell you that your bargaining game needs to be strong, do I?


5.      Where else are you going to make all those stories?


I’ll tell you a little story,
One of my friends was in Goa recently, and this one day, he goes to a flea market, a little high (of course!), and – woosh! The guy has no memory of what happened next! He calls me and says, ‘bro, I went to this market wearing shorts and a tee, and now that I have come back, I am in a kurta and Ali-baba pyjamas!’

Yes! That’s it! Although he lost his wallet there, but you know, Kabhi Kabhi Kuch paane ke liye, kuch khona bhi padta hai!
And, that’s such a cool story to narrate to your children (after they have turned 18)


6.      Because you can meet people!!!



All of us know that it’s that time of the year when most firangs flock to Goa. So, book yourself a mixed-dorm bunk-bed in a hostel, pack a backpack, pick up your lazy little bum, and vanish!
Stay in a crazy town, amidst unfamiliar people, share your stories, listen to their stories, and just grow as a person. Solo trips are a bliss!


7.      Hit the road!


Now that I have pumped you up a little about the solo-trip thing, why not hire a two-wheeler, get a map, and just hit the road (please let Google maps stay inside your bag). Travel old-school, get lost (literally), and find your own little treasure in your own little voyage!
I did that, back in Bali earlier this year, and I got lost and found this amazing abandoned warehouse that had its walls soaked in stunning graffiti. That’s one travel memory that will stay etched in my mind, forever.
Make your own!


8.      We live so that we can have food…


I know, that this point should have been covered right up there, but c’mon, we always save the best for the last, don’t we?
The best food in Goa – fish – sea-food! From fried King Fish to calamari chilly, and tuna teriyaki, don’t even make me start *sob* *Sob*
Vegetarian? You get paneer everywhere, no? *ouch*


9.      Because there’s community travel

Yes, all the reasons aside, visit Goa just for this – for community travel – visit the locales and view the remains of the Portuguese colony; play beach volleyball; have lip-smacking Konkani food; indulge in a game of football with the local children, or just sit by the beach, soak in the winds and the Sun as the waves play the prettiest music to your ears.
There’s a reason why travelling beats meditation.


10.  Because, The Big Bang Trip!


The Big Bang Trip Goa

Yes! We at The Big Bang Trip are going Goa this December. Is this luring enough or do you want me to say any more about this?
Nah! Didn’t I already tell you, we save the best for the absolute last!


Take a pause and go for a solo trip

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Take a pause and go for a solo trip!

‘You know, until the 1970s, Nagaland had this tribe that used to go head-hunting, and for each head-hunt, they got this tattoo on their forehead, right above their eyebrow.’

Fascinating, isn’t it? The story of these tribe-men runs so much on the lines of an army-man, who gets a medallion on his chest each time he guns down an enemy. 

I’ll tell you what’s more fascinating – this is one of the stories I shared with this Assamese guy, who was my sort-of roommate – for a day – in a hostel, a couple of weeks back in Jaipur. So, on a particular night, a guy from the west-most end of the country, sat sharing stories with another from the east-most end, having met each other somewhere up north. That’s really the purpose of travelling, to shrink the boundaries in your head and expand your visions.

Why solo trip? For the very clichéd reason that when with your own set of people from everyday life, going to different places isn’t really travelling, it’s more of a vacation – you go, chill, laugh about, make happy memories, and come back. Sounds good, but flying solo, a little here and there, works wonders. Here’s why,


solo trip

It is demanding…

…much more than your average girlfriend/boyfriend. Locking a place (all by yourself!), looking for a decent hotel/hostel, planning an itinerary (if you need one), gathering all the guts (and answering all the questions) to finally travel alone, and fighting all other first-time jitters.

Eyes begin narrowing-in right from the moment you declare(!) that you’re going to a place, alone. People, in our part of the world, don’t really understand why do you need to do that. So, you need to answer all the questions being shot by your mummy, and mummy ki mummy, and mummy ki mausi, and the list goes on!

But, more than anything, it demands a lot out of you. Solo, for the first time, brings you face to face with yourself. You need to spend time in your own company, and that can really be challenging, because of we, as a generation, are really prone to boredom and overthinking. And if travelling solo suits you, it would definitely help you calm.


solo trip

You’re brought face to face with…

… yourself. Borrowing from the point mentioned above, you really begin enjoying your own company (or, you simply don’t). Right from picking between a Haywards and a Kingfisher, to deciding if you’re a thudding-music-shady-lights person, or the quiet-mellow-book-reader (and if you are a hopeless romantic, you’d also know whom do you miss the most when left alone.)

You’ll meet absolute strangers, and you’d know how to initiate conversations and hold them over a course of time. You’d venture into the more interesting stories of your life, and develop a set of topics to talk about – and in return, you’d get prettier stories, and a whole list of new books and movies to jump into!


solo trip

You’ll bump into strangers…

…like I did in Jaipur, or in Pune before that, or Kasol, or Udaipur, or any goddam place that you fancy. And each of these places will bring you a hundred strangers of a hundred kind. One day, you’ll have dinner with a wedding planner from Mumbai and next, a guy from the north-east.

What this would do really is make you understand that there’s so much to the world out there, so little of it you actually understand, and how petty is your own existence. It’d help you broaden your horizon, and emotionally, the empathy and humility would eventually shoot up.


You’d be exposed to cultures…

So apart from the Assamese guy, my other room-mates in this backpacker hostel were a guy from Spain, one from Egypt and a couple from France. In the common room, there was this British girl in front of me, who sat reading a crime-novella, and another woman, from I, don’t know where came in and started playing with a bubble-wrap. I looked at her, we laughed, she said something I didn’t understand, I said something she only half understood, and I went back to reading my book about Australia. See, there’s a world in this little existence. I could go up and strike a conversation with anyone and it would all be new to me.

There’s community travel too. Within India, end up at the opposite corner from where you’re stationed and it would still be a cultural shock. Only tells us how little we know of our “own” people!


bigstock-Man-on-top-of-mountain-Concep-47176237-640x428 (1)

And the classic old cliché…

Travelling grounds you, after a point, you stop whining about things and simply do them, taking everything in your stride as an experience.

I have met people who gather money for a year or two and simply set out with a map in hand, hopping over from place to place for as long as a year, until they run out of that money, and need to get back. Once back, they simply repeat the cycle, earn and travel, see what you have been reading about, live out what you’ve planned for the future.

So, coming back to the age-old cliché – seize the day, my friend; leave all your plans for today, only make stories for the future – that’s what travelling tells you. 


By Yashluv

11 memories that will take you back to the 90s [Volume I]

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Warning: Content may cause major nostalgia

1.Your life-long fate with your crush was decided by the FLAMES game


Let’s be honest, we’ve ALL tried to manipulate the game.


2. We were in *AWE* of Govinda’s dance moves


And practised them in front of the mirror, of course.


3. Let’s not forget “I am a Complan boy/girl”


FYI: that’s Shahid Kapoor and Aysha Takia


4. When it rained like cats and dogs, it meant paper boat-races!


We can almost visualise running out of home, and watching our boats float on the surface of the water *sigh* 
Who feels like making one right now?


5. This cool phone that only your NRI uncle bought


and you couldn’t RESIST fidgeting with this cool-looking gadget!

6. Your reaction when evening-time Maggi was served


And ‘chasers’ back then were Frooti’s and Rasna sherbet!


7. Walkmans


Need we say more?! Write to us if you still own one!

Evening trips to VCR Shops


*high-five* if you went straight to the horror section!


9. The creepy sounds of the sloooooow dial up internet connection


Who else thought it sounded like a rocket launch? Recall it ‘hear’


10. The wise trade of tazos


One of our team members has still got their bunch. HA! 😉


11When Re.1 was carefully spent at video parlors. Oh the days of Street Fighter, Pac Man and Mario!


 Do you remember those 999 games in 1?!


If you love all of this and more about the GOLDEN era of 90’s,  join our latest trip – Bring back the 90s!

The 90’s are filled with endless memories! Watch out for Volume II of this series coming soon.

We are bringing back the 90s!

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We are bringing back the 90s!

We were chilling one evening, cracking jokes (the usual), this time about the good old 90s. And then we started to imagine a trip like this – one with picnics, “Tu Hain Meri kirannnn” sung out loud, some gully cricket, old tape recorders and cassettes, Govinda dance moves, your favourite childhood candies and everything we just love and miss about the good old 90s. We woke up the next morning and decided, we’re doing it. So here you go! We along with The Goodwill Tribe are presenting to you the latest in our travel experiences – a trip designed to ‘Bring back the 90s’.

Bring Back the 90s
Bring Back the 90s

It’s an 8-day trip that will take you down memory lane in the hill stations in Uttrakhand. Travel with like-minded strangers and experience nostalgia as you share childhood stories. Go back to a time when all you cared for was collecting WWE cards, going on picnics, playing outdoors, watching cheesy filmy movies and getting lost in the pages of a book.

We’ve chosen to revisit locations that were popular back in the 90s and that’s why we are taking you to the beautiful hill stations in Uttrakhand. We will be visiting Landour, Mussoorie, Lansdowne, and Kousani; places that will enchant you with their simplicity and their splendid panoramic views of the Himalayas. Here’s a detailed version of the plan.


We promise you lots of fun and nostalgia with activities that will take you back in time and you can look forward to connecting deeply with each other through activities facilitated by The Goodwill Tribe. Practice your best moves for some retro dance nights. Turn strangers into teammates when you play gully cricket (hopefully with the locals). And lots of other fun activities! (Watch this space to know more).

The motto of our trips is for you to discover, explore and inspire. By coming on this trip, we hope you will discover the beauty of Uttrakhand, explore yourself and inspire each other through your unique stories.


Trip Details:

Dates: 23rd to 30th September

Location: Landour, Lansdowne, and Kausani

Price: 26,900 INR (22,900 for first 4 trippers and 24,900 INR for next 4 trippers)

Register here

A girl’s desire to travel solo

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A girl’s desire to travel solo

Simply think how astonishing it will be the point at which you finally climb up that long trek in the Gangotri lastly look at that dazzling view you’ve just seen in pictures or TV. You can absorb everything, take a seat for a considerable length of time and think about how mystical life can be, discreetly.

I love these apricots
I love these apricots

But just in one condition, you are enjoying all this alone. Yes, solo trip. A girl solo trip may sound a little strange and new concept in India but trust me in foreign it’s a hit trend. At least once in a life time, a girl should travel alone because, at the point when a lady travels, especially alone, she is creating an impression, one that says that she declines to be related with the generalization of ladies as delicate and unreliable. She is opening herself up to new encounters and openings—she doesn’t go to escape life, yet she travels so life doesn’t get away from her.

Being a girl, when your life is full of expectations and restrictions there’s an undeniable sense of freedom that comes from traveling alone, without help, rules or guidelines. Every day is a mystery for someone like a curious soul like me.

Fly high!!!
Fly high!!!

Travelling was always my most favourite adventure of life and I don’t think we need a reason to justify why. But no matter how long the vacations were, I couldn’t get a chance to travel in last 2 years. There were many reasons but most important was the lack of coordination and spirit among my friend circle. At last, I have decided to travel solo. Travel solo to Gangotri. Coming from the region of Uttarakhand, trekking is in my genes and there can not be any better place than Gangotri on earth for someone like me who loves mountains, heights, snow, solidarity, peace and of course adventure. By the way travelling solo is a complete adventure in itself.

As someone who is slightly introverted, I like the security of having a friend to talk to when traveling. But being separated from everyone else will drive me to associate with outsiders on an everyday premise, and figure out how to grasp ungainly welcome and pose more individual inquiries. When you’re all alone, it’s dependent upon you to request bearings and make sense of it. You’ll have a serious sentiment fearlessness when you know you’re fit for discovering things all alone.

Pangong Lake
Pangong Lake

 I don’t want to rely on others for their opinion, I want to be comfortable in my own skin. I don’t think there can be any better way of coming out of my comfort zone and treat my self with everything I deserve.


The inspiration which is driving me to this thorough adventure is not my flighty confidence in religion, superstition of purging sins or legendary stories (considering Gangotri is an important part of Hindu mythology). I am more entranced about snow-topped Himalayas and about appearing a fantasy of being at the bank of Ganges developing out from a Glacier. I have already started envisioning that great photo of thin water stream of Ganges. As we move higher, change of scene into rich green valley will be genuinely overpowering. It’s hard to extinguish my unremitting interest about vegetation, fauna, water falls or about any water stream falling in transit now.

I want to heal myself from enough of playing the game of life. I want to sit on the peak of mountain enjoying the sunset forgetting all the chaos of life and find myself which was somewhere lost in the crowd of the metro city.

 From venturing to the Northern Himalayas solo I need to love sentiments of delight, a sunny day, an unmistakable sky, a city, a grin from an outsider, an odor I was attached to… . I need to love in such a large number of structures past individuals or creatures. I need to love love.


Travelling solo as a girl won’t just give me certainty and autonomy, it will likewise show me to love myself. As ladies, we have a tendency to receive a propensity to contrast ourselves and other ladies, maybe notwithstanding contending with them. This is not at all solid, nor will it help us to develop, yet solo travel has a method for helping you to relinquish these inclinations to contrast yourself as well as other people. You soon discover that there are such a large number of various individuals out there on the planet – distinctive body shapes, diverse identities, diverse hair hues, skin hues…. etc. We are on the whole extraordinary. Embrace your individuality.

 Ladies who travel solo – for any xyz reason, for whatever they detract from it, for whoever they meet en route, for whatever they miss back home, encounter a change that is just unbelievable. I need to encounter the same since it isn’t a modifier or a word found in the lexicon…. it is a sentiment opportunity. Of disclosure. Of self.


– Kavita Rawat


The Big Bang Trip brings its new Roadtrip

Theme: Bring Back the 90s

Dates: 23rd to 30th September

Places: Landour, Lansdowne, and Kausani

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