Decoding one of the longest road trip in the World: Mongol Rally

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17,000 Kms, 19 countries, 7 mountain ranges and One car: Decoding the traveller in Kushal- Founder of

The uncertainties and unreliability of crossing many new countries through roads, too many variables almost out of control, a road trip that is best at breaking you down completely but also at bringing you the closest to yourself is how Kushal glosses his experience of the great Mongol rally……

Kushal Aggarwal, the founder of shares with us, the experience that he has had in covering those unforgettable miles in one of the longest road trips of the world.
It all started in 2013, when he approached nearly 10 of his friends for the idea of Mongol rally- he recalls how five of them backed out after a few months and he was left with his two friends. Well, that was that, but he hardly had any idea that this far-fetched adventure will change a lot in him. Perhaps it was both an innate and fantastically scattered reality of his passion and it’s vision of traveling.
A road trip from London to Mongolia covering almost 17,000km in around 19 countries was only a dream until Kushal actually got his friends to get this big ride going.

Mongol Rally Map
Rivers and different terrains to cross, challenging rules, one small car in not so perfect condition, no insurances, no security, no one to contact in an emergency except the locals- there’s just too much what he had dealt with in this not so generous journey. It was not merely a canvased track but was almost like stepping into many plashes  in between (there was literally this time when they almost got carried away with the water stream they were to cross) and yet it was one of the most beautiful experiences he has ever had along with those few fishy moments:

‘We got arrested in China, mistaken as terrorists, hooked by stripers in Russia and were almost debarred from entering Turkey’

Running a company matching with his passion for traveling, being a part of the great rift valley ride in Africa and the Mongol rally from London to Mongolia-his motivation for traveling comes homegrown.
‘I have been traveling since I was a kid. My dad used to take us out for a trip twice a year and that’s how I initially covered almost every state of India’

Scooping the authentic elements of a place, their culture, and art, their past times and etiquettes are what brings him closer to being an explorer and that is rather his definition of traveling now.

The team of The Big Bang Trip wishes him good luck for all future adventures. If you want to go for Mongol rally, do write to us, and we will help you out in connecting with Kushal.

Happy Exploring the World!!!

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