Have you explored these five Borderline places yet?

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India being a megadiverse country, serves incredibly tempting landscapes that are far sighted from a lot of us. Completely remote and secluded, each corner of  India has some of the most beautiful towns and passes to explore. We have listed a few towns from the borderlines of India, too fascinating to resist




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Hanging bridge at Samdul enroute to Walong
Hanging bridge at Samdul en route to Walong (PC: Greenerpastureind)

Where: Arunachal Pradesh

The Eastern most village of India, Kibithu is nearly 15 kms away from the McMohan line separating India and China. One of the most remote and beautiful towns in the country, it is famous for the Indo-China war of 1962 at Walong which is 22km away. The Lohit River entering India from China is the star attraction of Kibithu.  Dropping temperature, hanging iron bridges, rocky mountains and a waterfalls-the town are Ace of Spades altogether.

Permit: ILP is issued at Guwahati or Dibrugarh to visit Kibithu.




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Where: Himachal Pradesh

Shipki La is a high mountain pass on the border post of India and China at the height of 18,600 ft, which makes it one of the highest motorable roads in the world. Fascinating, isn’t it? The road to Shipki La (Hindustan-Tibet road, ending much before the pass) is the little Ladakh of Himachal Pradesh. Between the cold desert mountains, this pass is the least travelled road and requires a permit which is now quite difficult to get and need strong reasons.


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Permit: ILP is issued at Recong Peo or Pooh.





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An aerial view of the damaged coast of Indira Point, India's southern most point, 600 km (about 375 miles) south of Port Blair, in the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago March 1, 2005. The tsunami which swamped Asian coastlines just over two months ago not only killed thousands of people in India's Andaman and Nicobar islands, it also hurt a vital part of the country's defences. Picture taken on March 1, 2005. REUTERS/Sucheta Das Die Landzunge Indira Point auf Car Nicobar, die den südlichsten Ort des indischen Staatsgebietes bildet, versank während des Tsunami 2004 im Meer. Der Leuchtturm am Indira Point steht wie ein Mahnmal im Wasser.
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Where: Nicobar Island

Among the least populated villages, it is the southernmost tip of the Indian National Territory adjacent to the great Indian Ocean. In recent year, Indira Point has turned out to be a famous tourist spot for its remote shores and rich flora and fauna. Standing against the never ending ocean-its sunrise and sunset are majestic enough for you to forget the crowded Goa. This blue paradise was hit by the tsunami in 2004 and has been submerged since then to some extent.



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Where: Uttrakhand

On the banks of river Saraswati, Mana is the last inhabited village before the Indo-China border in Uttrakhand situated at an elevation of 3219m,  just 3 kms to the Badrinath pilgrim. The village so high and out of the way, Mana is unmatchable with its quietude and serenity. Though just 3 kms away from the chaos filled Badrinath due to worshippers; Mana is just the opposite with all its calmness. Satopanth glacier, the Tal(lake) and Vasudhara falls are the most breathtaking views around the village.It is one of the most pleasing motorable roads we have in India.




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Where: Sikkim

Perched at an elevation of 8600 ft in the northeastern part of Sikkim,  Lachung is the little hamlet close to the Indo-Tibetan border. This village punctuated at the Riverside is known to be one of the most scenic villages of the Himalayas. It is mostly traversed along with Lachen which is like the other half of Lachung. Both the villages offer landscapes that are just beyond imagination. Lachung can truly be called the heaven on the earth for its watercourses; snow capped mountains and the most curtained terrain.

Permit: ILP is issued at Gangtok to visit Lachung.


So, if you have still not explored these places, then it is time for you to pack your bag and start a much-needed exploration. One more such place is Panamik in Nubra Valley and The Big Bang Trip is visiting it on its Leh trip from 28th July to 5th Aug. Hop-on with us to explore the last Northen most village of India before Siachen Glacier starts. 

Trip: 28th July to 5th Aug

Location: Leh-Nubra Valley and Pangong Lake

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