Check out the super powers our trippers discovered in their last road trip with us.

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We found 15 Superheroes in our latest TBBT Road Trip. Here are they with their superpowers. Who amongst them is the most powerful?

  1. Shriya

AKA The Chips girl: Her superpower is finishing all kinds of chips in 2 mins. Leave a packet within a radius of 50 metres, and it shall be over in a blink.



  1. Mansi

AKA The salsa girl: Her superpower is that she can make anyone do Salsa at anywhere. Last seen, she was doing the salsa with a Lakarbagah.



  1. Ramandeep

AKA The patriotic man: Ramandeep is known for his patriotism in movies like Gadar and Border. The face was Sunny Deol, but the voice and the emotions were coming from Ramandeep. Every year he brings do gazz jameen from Pakistan


  1. Chetan Soni

AKA The Chimneyman: Recently he was awarded the title for the most “Green” person for inhaling pollution from all vehicles in Delhi. Working hard to bring pollution down, he inhales all kinds of ‘dhua.”



  1. Jacob

AKA the Sex Machine Man. Women from the entire universe are looking for this hot, handsome and talented man. His power is to look so hot that anyone agrees to do the work just to have a sneak peek of his 16 abs. Yes, there are eight-pack abs in front and 8 in back.



  1. Kiran

AKA the customman. He got his superpower from Indian customs, and now he can customize anything for you.



  1. Vinita

AKA Kya bakwas hai yeh girl. She has the power to demoralize her enemies by repeatedly saying “kya bakwas hai yeh.” Last time a lion became vegetarian after she shouted 1000 times “kya bakwass hai yeh” in 30 seconds while Lion was hunting a deer.




  1. Sanghmitra

AKA the Pelu girl. Her superpower is to finish anything that comes in front of her. Most of the times, she eats everything from enemies’ plates, fridge, locality and even cities, killing them with hunger.



  1. Dipesh

AKA the DJman. He has the ability to play music anywhere, anytime. He decided to become a DJ after seeing Kuch Kuch Hota Hai where Rahul danced with Anjali in spite of no music.



  1. Richa

AKA The slowgirl. If Flash is the fastest person, Richa makes others the slowest. She can decelerate anything. Last seen, she was the reason why tortoise won against the hare.



  1. Kasturi

AKA The Sleeping Woman. Her ability to sleep 26 hours a day makes her special. Her enemy can never attack her as she would always be sleeping.



  1. Himanshu

AKA The Snakeman. All human capabilities look dwarf in front of snakeman. His venom is known as the most poisonous substance ever known in the Universe. He does not kill people but makes them pious and pure by his venom.



AKA Youngman. He is the youngest in any group or social gathering. His superpower is to suck the youth out of other people. People also call him Benjamin Button.




  1. Sagar

AKA Perfectshot Man. He carries his camera everywhere and kills the enemy with a click.



  1. Abhinav

AKA Chocolateman. Since he is employed with an MNC, he needs to achieve the monthly target. He shoves chocolate bars down enemy’s mouth resulting in “death by chocolate.”Abhinav



If you want to discover your superpower, then The Big Bang Trip is the place to be in. Explore India with us, Discover your superpower and Inspire others too. Our next road trip is in July. See you then.


-Chandrabhan Singh


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