A trip that changed my prespective

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A trip that changed my perspective Two weeks and a couple of hours back, I cursed myself a million times as the train jerk-started its 934 kilometre trail. I was a part of an idea – an idea that picked twenty individuals from different nooks of the country and confined them within a-very-uncomfortable-bus (it’s not the […]

Goa- The sidelined reality

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Goa- The sidelined reality There is a sidelined reality that exists in Goa. The beaches and the shacks might serve to be dominant attractions for a tourist, but going beyond these might make one a real traveler! Not very surprisingly, there happen to be people dwelling in Goa who do not hog on lobsters and […]

Five toughest pilgrimages in India

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Patience runs all through the veins of a traveler therefore they don’t stop travelling come what may. So, there are some toughest pilgrimages in India that leave no stone unturned in testing the patience of the pilgrims. India being an extremely religious country embraces the famous Himalayan temples situated at high altitudes, making these pilgrimages […]