After the success of earlier editions, here we are with our third season of The Big Bang Trip. TBBT is a 8 days journey through the Himalayas, while the starting point would be New Delhi. A total of 20 people, who we will call Trippers will travel together and share stories. On the way, they will meet four Instigators who will share their stories and experiences. 

The trip is for all kinds of creative people, free thinkers, travellers, foodies, explorers and entrepreneurs by heart, etc., who wants to break the monotony with the will to learn and explore something new, who crave to wander ironically, with ambition. TBBT is not just a travel trip, we do not go to touristic places, rather we explore your inner-self while travelling. The journey is an attempt to create a network of like-minded people through different activities, instigators, and stories. We would travel, eat, and explore in 4 cities with an attempt to have as much fun as possible. We invite people with the love for music, photography, food and writing to join this ultimate Trip that would certainly leave a lifelong impression on each of us.

Our Objectives:

1. To have a once in a lifetime Road trip

2. To meet 20 people from 20 different backgrounds and see different perspectives of life

3. Inspire each other and seek inspiration from 5 instigators during the trip

4. Put ourselves into new and challenging routine

5. Each Tripper would organise one activity that we would disclose few days before the trip. The idea is to learn from these activities and aim confidence from managing random 20 people at a random place

6. Networking with like minded people

7. To have fun and come with unlimited memories

Are you Game for TBBT?


The idea of Big Bang Trip germinated into the minds of our founders when they were travelling across India in the month of December 2014 on a train. The thought of getting people from varied backgrounds to travel together and share their stories was motivating enough to start. As a wise man once said, “ One can never know what the path would lead to if one doesn’t take that path.” With this motto and belief we have started this journey of Epic proportions which thrives on three elements – Discover, Explore, and Inspire; where you discover untouched places, explore yourself, inspire others and get inspired. Each tripper is handpicked after a lot of thought so that everyone could complement each other. Our trips are carefully crafted to provide an experience that is full of excitement, along with the activities to get you thinking. The concept could be getting to know the locals, simply gazing the stars or to go on a trek, giving you time to admire nature and introspect.

The Big Bang Trip is powered by


Chandrabhan Singh: An athlete, writer, and traveller; Chandrabhan loves to be known as a travelpreneur. He co-founded and now working to create human connections through travel. When free, he tries to break Usain Bolt’s record!!!

Chetan Soni: An experimental foodie, a reluctant traveller who likes to call himself “The Storyteller.” He believes in the motto “we live by the choices we make.” A part-time writer and publisher he hangs out with Charlie in his free time.