9 reasons, why should you travel in a group tour?

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Why should you take a group tour once in a lifetime?

Here is our list of 9 reasons why should you travel with a group in a group tour:

1. You meet like-minded strangers


Away from office friends and family members, we really get a chance to meet awesome like-minded people. Yes, there are zombies like us everywhere. We are not unique!


2. You learn a new skill


There will be someone who will teach you some magic games, and then there will be a poker champ in the group. You will not leave the trip without learning something new.


3. Take a break from routine


Imagine 10 strangers traveling with you, you will surely change your daily routine to adjust to this new environment. You need this break sometimes.


4. You make new friends


There will be someone on the trip who will end up becoming your new travel friend or best friend in the town.


5. You get your space


Its fun traveling with friends and family, but in the end, we do not get our space. You surely can’t tell them not to disturb you or give your space and time. But in a group tour, you get space as you want.


6. You can also find your life partner


Well, we have seen many of our trippers getting hitched. Yes, you can absolutely find your soulmate on a road trip. Just be ready to find him/her from the group of strangers!


7. Find your true calling



Sometimes all you need is a trip to find your true calling. It may be photography, or working in an NGO or taking a break and traveling for one year. We saw many trippers leaving jobs, leaving current status to move towards their true calling after taking a road trip with a group.


8. You need not organize everything 


Many times, most of our plans get canceled because we are not able to organize a trip. So stop worrying about it and just hop-on to a well planned and curated road-trip.


9. You collaborate and network


Yes, you do not need to attend official meetups, parties, and events for networking and collaboration. They can happen over a cup of Maggi and chai in mountains too. Just find a right group of strangers and travel with them.


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