5 Things to look forward to The Big Bang Trip

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5 Things to look forward to The Big Bang Trip!!!

We all like to go on a holiday or travel once in a while to break the monotony of our lives, to see new places, relax and refresh. Are you one of those tourists who like their trips well planned, with all the key attractions, luxurious hotel stays and cozy dinners at the most popular restaurants? If this sounds like you, read no further for that is certainly not we offer. But if you like to travel to experience, to feel the pulse of the place, love interacting with the locals to learn about their culture first hand, trying out local cuisines, interacting with strangers? Do you look at travel as a means to explore yourself and your place in the world? Read on to know what The Big Bang Trip has to offer.

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Here what to expect from The Big Bang Trip:-

Get out of your comfort zone

Travel makes us push our boundaries, try out new things, adjust to circumstances which we otherwise would not face in our day to day lives. It is when we come out of our comfort zones only then do we realize our real potential.

Make new friends

You travel with people who are not known to you. People from different professions, different backgrounds and sometimes even various locations. The Big Bang Trip brings together like-minded people from various walks of life. During the trip, you interact with people, share stories. You will no longer remain the introvert that you once were and by the end of the trip, you will have made friends for a lifetime.

Grow as an individual

In today’s world, people live in silos, oblivious to the problems outside. We are so engrossed in our lives that we often disregard or turn a blind eye to the difficulties that plague the world and the society as a whole. Travelling with The Big Band Trip tells you a lot about the world. You learn about the history, society; the problems faced- something that no travel guide or media could do justice to. You come back with a superior comprehension of how things work, how individuals carry on, something that only be picked up from an on -the- road experience.


In the words of Mark Twain “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness”. Travelling to places different from our own gives us a chance to set aside our previously held notions and just observe how things are. When we set aside our preferences and open ourselves to new societies and encounters, we are not just opening our minds to new languages, food or music we are also opening your psyche to better approaches for considering, living, and comprehension. On the surface we may feel that we have nothing in common with the people we travel or the people we meet along the way but the fact remains that above all else, we are all humans, and once we bring home this concept we begin to see the things we have in common with all the different people we come across.  Suddenly the world seems a lot less daunting and a less scary and a better place to live.


Ever wondered what is it that you want to do in life? What is your calling? Take this journey of self-discovery and exploration. Try out new things, risk uncertainties and wish to bring about a change in the society. If this sounds like you, be assured you are at the right place. The Big Bang Trip travel trips aim to do just that. Learning to adjust to different circumstances and performing tasks as a group, these skills have profound effects on more than just your personal life. Also while you travel with The Big Bang Trip, you get a chance to meet instigators who are noteworthy individuals and contributors from different fields who come and share the story about how they found their calling in life, their struggles and eventual success. Get inspired, get motivated, you never know you might just find your calling on this trip!


You will meet good examples, pioneers, that began on an adventure simply like you – and managed to make a difference to many lives. You will forge bonds with like- minded people. They will end up being your dearest companions and friends forever. You will be presented with good examples which are building India through their ventures big or small. So come aboard and discover yourself!



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