5 reasons to choose social travelling

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5 reasons to choose social travelling


Social travelling is a revolution in the way we travel and experience the world. In 2012, it was announced as ‘The Travel Trend’ and even today, we cannot un-see its growing popularity among the birds of passage. It is not a concept which would be faded in near future. For the present and next generation travelers, explorers, itinerants, and extroverts, it is something that is meant to last for a long time.


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So how is social travel different from normal travel? In normal travel, people keep themselves comfortable in regular hotels or guest house or maybe resorts. They prefer to travel with their family, friends or acquaintances. Whereas, the former one, the social travel is about living a journey of maybe 3 or 13 days with a complete set of strangers,  staying at localities, places, meeting new people from all over the world and experiencing a destination in a more authentic and local way. The benefits of the success of social traveling are:-

1. MEETING NEW PEOPLE: As one meets new people and spends time on a journey with them, he gets to know about different ideas and perspective of people, and it helps in expanding the awareness of the world.

2. A BREAK FROM TEDIOUS SCHEDULE: “If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it’s lethal” says Paulo Coelho. Only a person away from familial and occupational errands can realize how little he knew about the world before. With this, one can be expected to experience the interconnectedness of humanity.

3. BLISS FOR ADVENTURE LOVERS: People who are fond of adventures and cannot live without thrill in their life are the ones most attached to such concepts. They are always up for new experiences and always seek new people to share their voyage with. You might find your friends for life.

4. REJUVENATE: Not just this, Social travelling is a perfect getaway from stress. It acts as a break from the clustered routine, the hustle and bustle of daily life and people who are constantly expecting you to perform brilliantly in every small challenge that life presents in front.

5. STRENGHTEING THE SOCIAL SKILLS: Apart from this, another benefit of social travelling is that it improves ones social and communicational skills. We learn to adjust and adapt according to different traits of people. You become patient and acquire the art of listening to others and respect their opinions. It makes people flexible because of not everything, every time, goes as planned.


Apart from these, it makes one more confident and person learns to live independently. A person can explore more about himself and the world. Social Travelling helps in dealing with different kinds of people and breaking the barriers among people.

Saahil Sachdeva

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