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12 roadtrips in India in 12 months (Part 2)

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12 roadtrips in India in 12 months!

Well here is the part 1: Jan-June

Now let’s move to the next part of the list:


July – Udaipur ( The city of Romance )

July is the month of Monsoon and one place to enjoy the season is the city of lakes. While most cities in Rajasthan may not be associated with this season, but the romantic city of Udaipur, the capital or forts, calls upon you to enjoy its real essence.

This place has the beauty associated with its history. With so much knowledge to offer, the town gives you its heritage. But heritage alone? No. It gives you memories and the most appetizing aroma of Rajasthani food.



 Source : http://goo.gl/AW8U4v



August – Kerala ( Backwaters by the Bay )

August is the month of rains. Kerala is nothing short of a paradise. Covered with lush green trees, it is so pleasing to the eyes that all a person wants to do is stand there with their arms wide open and feel it. The occasional rainfall and the never ending cool breeze makes it a must visit the place.


Source : http://goo.gl/Qgkose


September – Shillong ( Gateway to the East )

September is the season of receding rains and Shillong is just the place you need to visit in September. Known for Lady Hydari Park’s manicured gardens, Shillong, often ignored in the “to-visit list” finds a prolific spot in ours. From ethereal beauty to challenging navigation, the less-explored Shillong has everything in the store.


Source : http://goo.gl/Ax99zJ


October – Gokarna ( Intelligent Man’s Goa )

October is the start of winters, the perfect weather to visit the seaside. Fortunately, India houses Gokarna! A city that is popular for its resorts, beaches, and churches. The nightlife comes alive especially during the winter season since the tide is perfect enough for water activities and beach parties.












Source : https://goo.gl/ELww6x


November – Pushkar (Pushkar Fest)

One of the oldest cities of the country, this place, is situated on the banks of the pious Pushkar Lake. With hills on three sides and a picturesque view, the town is the exclusive host of the Brahma Temple in the world. The major attractions are the temples, the lakes, and the PUSHKAR CAMEL FEST, where-in people from the world come and enjoy the culture.

The annual fest witnesses more than 50 thousand camels in traditional dresses and addresses a variety of competitions.


Source: http://goo.gl/trwkLU


December – Hampi ( Stonehenge in India )

Owing to historical and religious significance related to the epic – Ramayana, this village of Karnataka is mentioned as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The most important attraction of this place is the Virupaksha Temple.

Ruins of palaces remains of aquatic structures, ancient market streets, royal pavilions, etc. cater enough to leave the visitors spellbound. Truly, the blessings of god and a tour among ruins, gives you a perfect end to a year.

2_This-photo-of-Hampi-village-in-Karnataka,-south-India,-is-part-of-the-exhibition (1)

Source: http://goo.gl/sfHABo


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