11 memories that will take you back to the 90s [Volume I]

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Warning: Content may cause major nostalgia

1.Your life-long fate with your crush was decided by the FLAMES game


Let’s be honest, we’ve ALL tried to manipulate the game.


2. We were in *AWE* of Govinda’s dance moves


And practised them in front of the mirror, of course.


3. Let’s not forget “I am a Complan boy/girl”


FYI: that’s Shahid Kapoor and Aysha Takia


4. When it rained like cats and dogs, it meant paper boat-races!


We can almost visualise running out of home, and watching our boats float on the surface of the water *sigh* 
Who feels like making one right now?


5. This cool phone that only your NRI uncle bought


and you couldn’t RESIST fidgeting with this cool-looking gadget!

6. Your reaction when evening-time Maggi was served


And ‘chasers’ back then were Frooti’s and Rasna sherbet!


7. Walkmans


Need we say more?! Write to us if you still own one!

Evening trips to VCR Shops


*high-five* if you went straight to the horror section!


9. The creepy sounds of the sloooooow dial up internet connection


Who else thought it sounded like a rocket launch? Recall it ‘hear’


10. The wise trade of tazos


One of our team members has still got their bunch. HA! 😉


11When Re.1 was carefully spent at video parlors. Oh the days of Street Fighter, Pac Man and Mario!


 Do you remember those 999 games in 1?!


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The 90’s are filled with endless memories! Watch out for Volume II of this series coming soon.

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