10 reasons why you should end the year with a Goa trip

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10 reasons why you should end the year with a Goa trip

Goa always reminds me of that precise moment when the flash from a photographer’s camera meets your eye. You know what’s coming, but each time it comes, it hits you, right in the eye, and in the head (pun intended!)

It really is that intense mix, of people and cultures, languages and food cuisines, party anthems and romantic sunsets, volleyball and football, road-trips and solo-travel (doesn’t really make sense, but these are my keywords, so…)

‘Why Goa?’
Seriously? ‘Why not Goa!’
1.      Beach Please!


The most cliched reason first – why Goa, because beaches!
Did you know that Goa has 20+ beaches to boast of? So, the next time you complain about how unclean the water is, or how crowded the beaches are, sit down and reflect – it is you who has been going around to all the mainstream beaches in this amazing place! Explore. Find a beach that suits you. And DO NOT share it with the world!


2.      Because, baby ko bass pasandhai!


Now, where would you rather unleash your dirty-beast-cum-party-animal self, but a night-club in the party capital of the country?
Find yourself the perfect spot, where you can hear nothing but the bass, grab a bottle of beer (one after the other), and flirt with the DJ as you dance through the night.
Oh and not the real-animal kind, settle for bird-watching no? Whom does the third person dress-up for, but you? *wink* *wink*


3.      For those ink marks on your body…


Itching to get a tattoo done, but can’t think of a design?
Here’s a little tip – go Goa, get into a tattoo-place you like, spend time with the artist, talking to him/her about your ideas in life, and other-high-level-intellectual-things and trust me, the artist will pick a design for you.
Take my word, tattoo artists have that charm – they simply know where the little bunny lies in you –
and, when in Goa, let your impulse do the talking. That’s the only rule!


4.      Markets, shopping, bargains…

Colourful Indian spices at the Anjuna Flea Market, Goa
Colourful Indian spices at the Anjuna Flea Market, Goa

From Saturday night bazaar to Anjuna beach flea market, Goa houses the best kinds of flea markets in this world.
So, it’s time to discover the hippie in you – go out there, hunt for an OM-kurta, Ali-baba pyjamas, some funky accessories (not the skull ones, please, we’re done with them), and a hand-crafted scarf, maybe?
A little cultural shock is what we always need!
I don’t really need to tell you that your bargaining game needs to be strong, do I?


5.      Where else are you going to make all those stories?


I’ll tell you a little story,
One of my friends was in Goa recently, and this one day, he goes to a flea market, a little high (of course!), and – woosh! The guy has no memory of what happened next! He calls me and says, ‘bro, I went to this market wearing shorts and a tee, and now that I have come back, I am in a kurta and Ali-baba pyjamas!’

Yes! That’s it! Although he lost his wallet there, but you know, Kabhi Kabhi Kuch paane ke liye, kuch khona bhi padta hai!
And, that’s such a cool story to narrate to your children (after they have turned 18)


6.      Because you can meet people!!!



All of us know that it’s that time of the year when most firangs flock to Goa. So, book yourself a mixed-dorm bunk-bed in a hostel, pack a backpack, pick up your lazy little bum, and vanish!
Stay in a crazy town, amidst unfamiliar people, share your stories, listen to their stories, and just grow as a person. Solo trips are a bliss!


7.      Hit the road!


Now that I have pumped you up a little about the solo-trip thing, why not hire a two-wheeler, get a map, and just hit the road (please let Google maps stay inside your bag). Travel old-school, get lost (literally), and find your own little treasure in your own little voyage!
I did that, back in Bali earlier this year, and I got lost and found this amazing abandoned warehouse that had its walls soaked in stunning graffiti. That’s one travel memory that will stay etched in my mind, forever.
Make your own!


8.      We live so that we can have food…


I know, that this point should have been covered right up there, but c’mon, we always save the best for the last, don’t we?
The best food in Goa – fish – sea-food! From fried King Fish to calamari chilly, and tuna teriyaki, don’t even make me start *sob* *Sob*
Vegetarian? You get paneer everywhere, no? *ouch*


9.      Because there’s community travel

Yes, all the reasons aside, visit Goa just for this – for community travel – visit the locales and view the remains of the Portuguese colony; play beach volleyball; have lip-smacking Konkani food; indulge in a game of football with the local children, or just sit by the beach, soak in the winds and the Sun as the waves play the prettiest music to your ears.
There’s a reason why travelling beats meditation.


10.  Because, The Big Bang Trip!


The Big Bang Trip Goa

Yes! We at The Big Bang Trip are going Goa this December. Is this luring enough or do you want me to say any more about this?
Nah! Didn’t I already tell you, we save the best for the absolute last!


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